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payroll procedures

As a Temporary worker for Randstad Financial & Professional you can work under PAYE or through a UK registered Limited Company, either your own Personal Service Company (PSC) or an Umbrella Company.

If you choose to be paid through a Company, please be aware that your company is responsible for all taxation, National Insurance and legal matters. We recommend you seek independent professional advice, particularly in light of the government's anti-tax avoidance legislation, IR35. Go to for more information.

Timesheet Payment Procedures

These procedures should be followed to ensure payments made are legal, accurate and made in a timely manner. Thank you for your cooperation.

Before Randstad Financial & Professional can pay you, you must return to your consultant:
  1. Signed Confirmation of Assignment letter
  2. Signed Terms and Conditions of Employment

You must also return to the payroll department:

  1. Completed personal details and bank details form 
  2. P45 or P46 (completed)
Payroll team address:

Payroll Dept
85 London Wall

Limited Companies
Before Randstad Financial & Professional can pay a Company, you must supply the below documents. Randstad Financial & Professional will only pay through UK registered companies.

Personal Service Company
Please note:
  1. To sign any documents relating to your own Personal Service Company (PSC) you must be a director of that company.
  2. Randstad Financial & Professional operates a self-billing system for Vat Registered companies.
  3. Before any payments can be made, our payroll department must receive COPIES of the following:
    a. A Certificate of Incorporation for your Limited Company
    b. Current Appointments Report (downloaded from Companies House website, showing you as Director)
    c. Company bank account details (with the UK Branch address)
    d. Limited Company VAT registration certificate (if VAT registered)
    e. A signed and completed Self Billing Agreement (if VAT registered, this will be sent to you on receipt of your VAT Certificate)
    f. A signed Confirmation of Assignment letter
    g. A completed Consultancy Agreement that must be signed by yourself and Randstad Financial & Professional.
Umbrella Company
Please note To be paid through an Umbrella company we must receive:
  • Email notification from the Company instructing us of this, including the effective date
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Company bank account details (with the UK Branch address)
  • Company VAT registration Certificate (if VAT registered)
We will then liaise directly with your Umbrella Company to confirm they will be paying you under the PAYE Umbrella basis.

Please be aware that without the above documents, Randstad Financial & Professional cannot make salary payments to a Company account.

Payment Deadlines:
  • BACS payment will be made and cleared every Friday, and on receipt of an authorised timesheet
  • Please liaise with your consultant regarding the timesheet deadline, as it differs depending on the client and the timesheet system used. Any timesheets submitted after the given deadline will be processed the following week
  • Online timesheets via the Randstad Financial & Professional portal should be completed online and authorised by close of business each Tuesday
  • You will be emailed your log in details for the online timesheet system once you have been set up on the payroll system
  • Please submit your timesheets regularly, please do NOT submit a number of weeks together
Please contact your consultant should you have any queries or contact the payroll team directly on 0207 786 8050.

If the organisation you are working for agrees to cover your expenses, please submit your expenses with your timesheets. These should be sent using either their expense claim form or on company headed paper. Both you and your manager must sign all expense forms and all receipts must be attached.

Holiday Pay
UK PAYE Temporary Workers - As a PAYE Temporary worker, you will accrue the right to take paid holiday, in accordance with DTI guidelines. In any year, you may accumulate up to 28 days entitlement to paid holiday (unless otherwise advised). You must have accrued any entitlement prior to taking such days as paid holiday.

Randstad Financial & Professional will pay you for holiday days taken. This will be based on your standard working hours only and additional pay due to overtime rates being applied, will not be included in the average pay calculation.

Procedure for taking paid holiday
Discuss with your employer line manager the days you are considering taking as holiday and obtain their approval in advance (at least 2 weeks).

Payment of holiday pay will only be made on receipt of authorisaton from your line manager.  This can be in the form of an email from your line manager authorising the holiday days or a completed holiday form sent into the Randstad Financial & Professional payroll team and signed by your line manager.  

The holiday authorisation should be sent to Randstad Financial & Professional payroll before 10am on a Monday for inclusion in that week’s payroll run. Holiday pay will be paid a week in arrears in line with timesheet payments.

Please contact your Randstad Financial & Professional consultant if you have any queries or contact the Payroll Team on 0207 786 8050.