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Business meeting tips outlined by expert

Being likened to a dentist appointment isn't perhaps the most flattering comparison for staff meetings, but one expert suggests that with a little preparation, business meetings can become enjoyable instead of painful.

Eric P Bloom, writing for, believes a good staff meeting can help improve department communication, psychological team building and improve group productivity, which may interest interim managers looking to spruce up their departmental meetings.

Furthermore, starting a meeting on time is integral.

He writes: "Start your meetings on time regardless if some people are late, unless they are late for a known and preapproved business reason. This has three beneficial effects; first, it sends a message that people should arrive on time, second, it helps the meeting end on time, and third, it provides the maximum length of time to get things done."

Scheduling staff meetings for the same time in the same location breeds consistency, according to Bloom. This then allows people to easily attend and participate because it becomes part of the 'regular work cycle', cites

Finally, recapping all the decisions at the end can help participants detail all the measures taken during the meeting.

"Note that all defined action items should be assigned to a specific individual and have a specific due date. This will help ensure that the assigned action is performed."

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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