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Charisma can land you that perfect role

By oozing charisma, an experienced jobseeker could land that perfect interim job regardless of industry, reports Management Today.

Research from Cambridge Judge Business School have looked into the effect of charisma in the workplace and how the "mysterious quality affects both the fortunes of a team and an individual's centrality to it."

It claims that workers can create an aura around themselves in order to work their way up a hierarchy.

By "changing your message to suit enough people on the way up", workers will find themselves more of a central player when it comes to leadership. Exuding leadership qualities like confidence, charisma and ambition are essential when eyeing up the perfect vacancy.

Another way of honing leadership-esque qualities would be to "bone up on your subject" and become an expert, giving advice to people as well as being able to take it.

Professor Martin Kilduff from the project commented on the study: "When leaders interact with their subordinates, they build social capital that has a positive effect on how they're perceived."

In addition, if a team leader is seen as charismatic by the team, that particular person is more likely to lead a team that performs to the highest standards. notes that leaders are also helpful during workplace conflict, with "conflict leadership required to ensure that open communication and effective conflict management become part and parcel of the culture of the organisation at all levels."

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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