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CVs don't have to be perfect, expert says

Although many people may feel in the minority by having something on their CV they'd rather cover up, this isn't the case, those in interim management jobs may be interested to learn.

According to recruitment expert, Janet Moran, the majority of jobseekers have a "blot" on their CV, however Moran urges those searching for employment not to worry, as for the main part, the anomaly may not have been their fault.

Speaking of the "guilt-by-association type stuff, where you've been working for a company that's collapsed," Moran said: "It's entirely possible to move on easily. People who've been through tough times are often more useful and experienced."

"Ask people who you know and who are trusted and have professional standing to vouch for you," she added. Fellow recruitment specialist, Nigel Parslow, also told The Financial Times: "Your CV needs to be a fair and accurate representation of you. A CV is a marketing tool, so you can expand on the good points and gloss over [any] bad ones," 

Career coach, Miranda Kennett, also advised candidates to learn how to gloss over any less-than-favourable points: "Work out the question you would least like to be asked and practise answering it until you have a plausible response that you can deliver confidently."

Their advice comes after James Uffindell, founder of an independent recruitment firm, told Changeboard: "The future of searching for jobs and progressing your career will doubtless become more about sharing information," adding that referrals and recommendations can greatly help applicants.

"Referrals and recommendations made on an online network are incredibly important, and often give your career progression the boost you are looking for."

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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