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Innovation can thrive at multi-national corporations

Multi-national corporations should not accept that dynamic innovation is the realm of new start-ups, an expert has claimed.

Scott Anthony, leader of Asian operations at consultancy Innosight, wrote in a blog for that larger firms are in a great position to nurture innovative ideas through extensive experimentation, followed by replication across multiple offices.

He said: "Global companies that harness their immense resources to cultivate a unique ability to attract, retain and develop the catalysts who can release and amplify historically constrained innovation energy will receive innovation dividends for years to come."

In his opinion, management should be on the lookout for "corporate catalysts", who permanent and interim managers should be able to identify through the way they marshal resources, as well as their ability to build organisation support.

The question of how to achieve an innovation-friendly environment is one that is widely analysed around the world by both corporate and public sector organisations, with a recent research initiative reported by showing how crowdsourcing can help the process.

Carried out at the Brookings Institution, the study asked people to submit ideas on how innovation can be encouraged in society. Several of the most popular ideas related to how people are educated and the learning materials available to them, while government transparency on policies was also a common theme.

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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