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Leaders can learn from the music industry, claims ex-MPC member

A former member of the Monetary Policy Committee has backed business leaders to learn from former rock stars.

According to, Andrew Sentence has backed the approach favoured by 'Punk Rock People Management' author Peter Cook.

Cook is staging a seminar entitled 'Monsters of Rock'n'Roll Business' later this month featuring former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Bernie Tormé and Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan.

Mr Sentence said: "Businesses can learn from the rock industry. Look at the veteran stars at the Jubilee concert. Sustaining a career and a business both require resilience, hard work and discipline. Inviting a rock star to address your conference gives colour to a world people often see as dry and uninspiring."

The way that Cook seeks to inspire people in senior positions such as executive interim management roles is by stressing the importance of creativity, while at the same time noting how structure helps build longevity - issues that Tormé and Gillan will highlight.

Rock stars may not be the most obvious business role models, but there are plenty of examples of musicians who aware of how they can make money.

U2 frontman Bono owns an investment group called Elevation, which took a 2.9 per cent stake in Facebook in 2009 and profited generously when the social network was floated last month - although, according to Bono claims not to have been made a billionaire by the deal.

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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