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Myth that over-qualified workers get bored is busted

The myth that hiring over-qualified candidates will ultimately lead to them quitting has been busted by psychological experts.

According to Management Issues, research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology has shown that companies should stop thinking in this clichéd mindset and regard the candidates who they believe to be over-qualified in the same way they would those appropriately-qualified.

This will come as positive news to many people in full-time and interim jobs, as it means they don't have to worry about their experience, qualifications and knowledge getting in the way of them finding different roles in the future.

"A manager trying to fill a job that demands less-than-top-level smarts should never reject a candidate out of hand just because the applicant's score on the company's intelligence tests labels him or her as smarter that the job requires," said the leader of the research, Dr Anthony Nyberg.

"If anything, our research suggests that such a candidate could be expected to stay longer and perform better than an application whose scores make him supposedly a better fit."

Nyberg formed his comments after conducting the research, which saw him monitor and analyse the behaviour of 5,000 adults over 25 years. He reassured employers that many highly intelligent workers could be seeking an easier job for many reasons, such as a quest for a more relaxed lifestyle, or a particular affinity for one sector or company.

The basic theme found throughout the research was that intelligent, experienced workers are generally always going to be of great benefit to the company that snatches them up, according to DVM 360.

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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