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Tips on how to build yourself a portfolio career

Anyone looking to move into the interim jobs market should consider developing a portfolio career, according to advice recently published on The Recruiter.

The advice comes from David Mellor, a man who has carved himself an impressive portfolio career ranging from experience in education, HR consultancy, business mentoring and non-executive director positions.

A portfolio career, Mr Mellor argues, offers "a better quality of life".

"Like most things in life it follows the old rule of '10% inspiration, 90% perspiration' and it has taken over six years for me to mould the portfolio mix with which I am really comfortable," explained Mr Mellor.

Anyone in pursuit of an interim job must understand the value of networking, he advises. He says that if the focus of networking is to build relationships, then over time good networking can produce some extraordinary results.

"What has a portfolio career given me? So many things including variety, interest, challenge, recognition, freedom from politics, appropriate financial reward, personal development, a sense of fulfilment, greater autonomy and flexibility. Perhaps most importantly it has enabled me to work with people I like and for people I like."

"It is not easy; it has challenges like any other role, but if you get it right the rewards are enormous - and you can have some fun as well," he concluded.

Posted: 29 November 2012 15:12:00
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