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IT Salary Survey 2013 UK

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Welcome to the Randstad Technologies Q1 2013 Salary Survey and recruitment trends review. This is the leading comprehensive reference of salaries and skills in IT. The survey reports UK specific remuneration trends as well as offering an insight into certain areas within the industry.

The data has been extracted from Randstad Technologies’ databases and ITJobsWatch. It gives an accurate reflection of the market; however one should consider this report is based on averages and may slightly differ from actuality for particular profiles.

To make the report easier to digest, salaries have been organised with a focus on technical skills and an additional analysis is
provided on how to interpret current market trends. Furthermore, we have divided the information in our IT Salary Survey into region and sector  to ensure you can find where you sit faster than ever before. Simply click on the sector that fits your area of expertise to find your corresponding job title.

Contained in the Salary Survey below, is further key insight into the IT Market and predictions for the future. So check to see where you sit in today’s IT industry and get in touch to speak to a consultant to discuss your options of progression for the year ahead.


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*The data in the Salary Survey has been collected from our database and from third party sources and gives an accurate reflection of the market. However you must bear in mind thatthese are averages and certain situations and circumstances may fall out of particular norms and the profiles in the data. This is a respective insight of the market and should not be used in conjunction to any vacancy offer made to you by a Randstad consultant.