August 2017, UK: Brexit has left many British citizens and workforces in a loop after last year’s referendum. With negotiations ongoing, questions remain on trade, business and employment and downturns in either are quickly blamed on the uncertainty of leaving the European Union.

Against this backdrop, the aerospace industry – one of Britain’s most successful and illustrious sectors - must manage soaring demand for planes. Approximately 27,000 new aircrafts worth £3.7 trillion are set for delivery by 2030 but with a looming staff and skills shortage in the UK, questions have been asked whether that figure is achievable.

With a skills crisis among workers and fewer candidates gaining the industry experience and training to work in the field, this leaves Britain with a problem.

• British aerospace worth £31bn per year
• Second largest aerospace industry in the world
• Top supplier in Europe of commercial and defence aviation
• 90% of aviation profit is from exports
• Industry profits risen 10% per year since 2011

To see the aerospace field continue to profit despite difficulties, the Government are giving £365m to fund new technologies. Business secretary Sajid Javid said: “We are showing our continued commitment to this vital sector and our intention to keep the UK’s world-beating status.”

Chris Fine, engineering branch manager at Randstad CPE, said: "Most conversations after Brexit were about political hot potatoes like immigration, the single market and the impact on industries like financial services. Fewer people wondered how the referendum result could impact another of our important industries, aerospace.

"Engineers in this country make essential parts for planes that are traded across the continent and the rest of the world. Of course, other countries could try to nab some of our business, but Britain has some of the most talented engineers around and building a wing without British-based skills and parts would be very difficult as it involves a specialist approach.

"The challenge now is to get more engineers into the aerospace industry and to continue the growth we have seen in recent years that has made Britain the second largest aerospace sector in the world."

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