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Whist working for BP or SAP you are entitled to 28 days paid holiday pro rata per year, in line with the Working Time Regulations. If you remain in the same role for 12 consecutive weeks, your holiday accrual will increase to 33 days paid holiday pro rata per year.

The holiday year runs from 1st February -31st January. However, if the 1st February does not fall on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, the new holiday year will commence from the following week.
If you are paid by the hour you must order holiday by the hour. If you are paid by the day you must order by either a half or a full day.

Holiday pay is paid at an average of your hourly/daily rate over the previous 12 weeks.

Your holiday entitlement is accrued on your basic hours worked each week.

Holiday is paid a week in arrears in line with your standard weekly pay.

Your holiday cannot be carried over. If your holiday pay is not requested before the end of your holiday year, the paid leave will be lost and cannot be reclaimed. You cannot be paid for holiday retrospectively.

If you leave Randstad you must notify us in writing that you wish to claim your P45 along with your unused holiday.

To request your holiday pay, you will need to complete a holiday request form below, after you have spoken with your respective line manager and they are in agreement.

As a Flex worker, you will not be paid for public holidays, unless you submit a holiday request.
If you wish to take holiday, you must submit your request two weeks prior. If shorter notice is unavoidable the notice should be at least twice as long as the leave to be taken.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help.

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