In today’s competitive jobs market, having a slick and well-structured CV which is tailored to the job you want next is essential. Before we start you can download our CV templates to work off.

However, we understand that the CV writing process takes time and nailing things like style, tone and format can be tricky – especially if you’re starting from scratch. 

So, to cater to those who are sitting down to write or update this all important document, we’ve put together this practical video which outlines exactly what needs to be included and how to go about writing it. 

How to write a CV.

Key points to remember:

  • Your contact and personal details section should always include your name, address, email and phone number as well as any links to personal websites, online portfolios and your LinkedIn profile. 
  • A personal statement should be concise and tailored to the role. Remember to use the job description when considering the skills and measurable achievements you need to include.
  • In your key skills section, remember to include transferable, adaptive and job-related skills and always use examples and evidence which support your claims.
  • When it comes to preparing your employment history section, always list your work experience chronologically and support your statements with measurable achievements.  
  • Your education and training section should only list relevant qualifications and, to save space, avoid listing each result individually.
  • Your references should be available on request. However, remember your LinkedIn profile can be a useful platform for your strongest endorsements. 

 If you’re looking for CV or interview advice for a particular role or industry, check out the Randstad career hub for the latest tips and insight.