building a retention strategy.

Whilst some decisions and actions are beyond the construction industry’s control, there’s are still steps the sector and employers can do to help retain talent.

10,000 construction workers

surveyed by Randstad.

communicate and connect.

With many individuals already inherently nervous of change, the compounding Brexit uncertainty only adds to the turbulence. Communication is more important than ever, providing a platform to reassure the workforce and cascade both positive and relevant information. Don’t underestimate the power it can have on attrition, especially when it comes to balancing any negative coverage. Focus communications on the areas your workforce demand your support - many EU nationals require reassurance around work availability and materials as opposed to VISA support.

prepare your pipeline.

Assess your short-and long-term build projects and subsequent labour and skills requirement. Identify where the realms of retention risk sit.   

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10,000 construction workers

surveyed by Randstad.

be agile

Whilst we can’t predict the final outcome, Randstad’s report shows that there will be an impact on the supply of EU nationals post 29th March 2019. Through engaging with employees/workers and by understanding the parameters of your pipeline, you need to be agile enough to flex in line with supply and demand of labour. This could include:

  • working with a specialist recruiter to help plug skills gaps
  • working with your temp workforce partner to transition temp to perm placements for stability
  • demand is likely to outstrip supply, with workers insisting on higher wages - consider increasing rates of pay to both attract and retain talent
  • offering an enhanced benefits package to position yourself as the employer of choice.