the invisible barrier a report by randstad.

Our survey of 875 teachers has revealed that most would welcome changes to the application process to create a standardised application that is valid across all schools.

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the invisible barrier.

Revealing the hidden connections between complex applications and the teacher shortage.

At a time where we are seeing teacher shortages because they are considering leaving the sector, schools could miss out on talent if the application process is not made simpler. With heavy competition for candidates, it is important to remove any perceived barriers, encouraging more candidates to apply.

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what's on the mind of teachers?
  • A more universal application process is wanted by 90% of teachers
  • 50% of teachers indicate that 'traditional' applications are no longer appropriate
  • The amount of teachers who said they have given up on applications because it is too long is 66%

"The need to fill in forms in a variety of ways can be annoying and is overly time-consuming"

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