Candidate testimonials

" I started getting acquainted with Randstad Care when I applied for a job I saw on cv-library. My now soon to be former work place was becoming 'beyond toxic' and I really wasn't happy. I love the service users to bits but the atmosphere with the other staff made me feel that I had to leave if I wanted to keep my sanity and my health!

I have been very upfront with my recruitment consultant and she started looking out for opportunities for me, becoming a lioness fighting my corner to ensure I secured a second stage interview. Unfortunately, this employer had concerns about my disability and how it may hinder my performance and this position fell through. Instead of giving up on me, my consultant managed to push for an interview for another position, with a company which offers a higher rate of pay with more career progression!

Randstad Care helped me keep faith when, at times, I was worried sick that I would not be able to secure a move and I would not have been able to secure this job without her support. They went well beyond the call of duty for me"