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TOPIC: Getting back into the workplace: 
Deadline: Wed 24th May.


Getting back into the workforce after a long period of absence, whether enforced or by choice, can be a daunting experience and it’s rarely talked about frankly. Often the prospect of returning to a working environment itself – especially after a major life changing experience - can be extremely challenging.
Here at Randstad we are looking to create a series of short videos and written Q&A’s aiming to inspire and reassure viewers with authentic stories, from real people who have first-hand experience of returning to work after a long period of absence. 
We are urgently seeking potential interviewees to be involved in this project who have experienced returning to work after  one of the following: 


Returning to work after: Maternity/parental leave, retirement, redundancy, a serious illness/caring for someone suffering from a serious illness, depression/a mental health issue or after serving time in prison

If you are interested in being involved and would like to help others experiencing the same as you, please take 5 mins to submit your details using the link below, no later than Wed 24th May.
NB All you and your reader's details will be kept confidential unless discussed and fully agreed with you

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