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Writing a business analyst job cover letter

Applying for the position of business analyst can be challenging, but rewarding. It's a highly skilled position, and is financially rewarded as such. Whilst most applicants are aware of the ...

3 min read
10 most common interview questions.

how to achieve work-life balance.

Research suggests that only one third of British employees are happy with their work-life balance. We’ll cover the following to help you find that perfect level of juggling ...

3 min read

best jobs in the UK.

Earlier in the year, a report was published on which jobs in the UK rank as the best jobs. The list was put together based on 3 factors: average salary, number of opening and job ...

3 min read

5 ways to stay motivated at work.

Okay, we can all admit staying fully motivated at work all of the time can be a challenge. Even those who are the most motivated at work may struggle and feel stuck in a rut. ...

3 min read

10 most common interview questions.

There is a 99% chance that these common interview questions turn up in your job interview.  Whether you're in your first job or being interviewed for the job of a CEO, these ...

5 min read

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