The digital age is increasingly pushing companies to embrace and rely on remote working methods, especially when teams and internal organisations are far apart. But it is not only geographical reasons that cause companies to lean towards a type of agile work that uses technology: the current Coronavirus emergency has made smart working solutions more necessary than ever, and means that the majority of us need to rely on conducting all meetings virtually.

3 reasons why you should embrace virtual meetings.

  1. Lower environmental impacts and costs
  2. Increased productivity and efficiency
  3. Improved employer brand

Lower environmental impact and lower costs.

Working remotely in general, and specifically, carrying out meetings with many people involved can considerably reduce the environmental impact of travel, and help towards promoting greater sustainability for your organisation. Added to this, being able to dial in from home reduces not only travel costs for employees, but also costs for employers: accommodation, expenses, electricity etc.

Increased productivity and efficiency.

Virtual meetings allow for the opportunity to bring together many people geographically, in a short time, at potentially a moment#s notice. You can also easily share a potentially unlimited amount of multimedia material, all in real time. Some virtual meeting tools also allow for meetings to be recorded, meaning that employees can watch these back in their own time if they need to revisit content. 

During times of crisis, virtual meetings are also key to boosting your team's moral, and so increasing their desire to work and be productive. Where they may be isolated alone, or be struggling with adjusting to a new way of living, these meetings can really help to bring a sense of normality to workers' days. Plus, these meetings don't need to be strictly business related - why not inspire your team with a pub quiz, virtual workout class or end of the week drinks?

When setting up your virtual meeting and choosing your software, it is important to consider:

  • how many people will take part in the virtual conference
  • what devices these people will be using
  • sharing any multimedia material

Improved employer brand.

By encouraging utilising technology for virtual meetings, in the long-term, you can really boost your organisation's employer brand. Not only are you showing that you are willing to work in an agile manner, you are also allowing your employees to have freedom to schedule meetings and catch ups more flexibly, at times that suit them. You will be an employer that people want to work for.

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