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In addition to the official reports submitted to the government’s gender pay gap portal, Randstad also proactively produces a summary report. This helps readers to see the bigger picture.

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Why do we produce an additional report? Firstly, Randstad has to submit a report per legal entity and therefore viewing only one report on the portal is not reflective of Randstad UK in its entirety. Secondly, recruiters have to report on all PAYE employees. Large recruiters like Randstad payroll thousands of workers on behalf of their clients every week. For transparency, Randstad proactively shares additional figures so that readers can collectively view data for all of Randstad UK’s corporate employees. 

top tips for journalists.

For any media titles or bloggers wishing to cover Randstad’s figures, please remember that Randstad UK submits multiple reports to the government portal. As required by law, we are required to report per legal entity. To obtain a summary of all of Randstad’s employee data, please refer to the second section of our report. Questions or requests for comments should be submitted in writing to

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If you’d like to view the figures Randstad submitted in April 2017, please click below.

Once again, our report is split into all PAYE individuals (inclusive of workers) and Randstad’s corporate employees.

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