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Why do we produce an additional report? Firstly, Randstad has to submit a report per legal entity and therefore viewing only one report on the portal is not reflective of Randstad UK in its entirety. Secondly, recruiters have to report on all PAYE employees. Large recruiters like Randstad payroll thousands of workers on behalf of their clients every week. For transparency, Randstad proactively shares additional figures so that readers can collectively view data for all of Randstad UK’s corporate employees.

For full transparency, we also share our corporate employee data in our gender pay gap report. This allows readers to secure a more accurate reflection of Randstad UK’s corporate employee figures, demonstrating our commitment to gender parity and an inclusive workplace at Randstad.

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ethnicity pay gap.

We recognise that more needs to be done to address any inequalities in pay including ethnicity, which is why we have published both our gender and ethnicity pay gaps. While reporting on ethnicity is not yet legally required by UK organisations, we know it’s an area in which we must improve and believe it is the first step towards achieving our goals of transparency. Through publishing and being transparent with our current position, we see this as an important step to identify areas to address, to take action and to hold ourselves accountable for making positive change happen at Randstad.  

To view the full breakdown of our gender pay gap figures by legal entity please click here