CV writing tips.

Looking to land your dream job but not sure if your CV is up to scratch? Knowing what to write in a CV to ensure it gets you an interview can be tough. But with the right information and advice at your fingertips, there's nothing to stop you from creating one that stands out from the crowd.

Read our CV writing tips below and learn how to compose a CV that excels. Visit our CV hub and download professional-quality, industry-specific CVs and cover letters – plus, get guidance on grabbing the attention of busy hiring managers. Lastly, to have your finalised CV matched to fresh job opportunities, submit it today.

what to write in your CV

Your CV (curriculum vitae, also known as a resume) is a means to market your skills and experience to employers and hiring managers.

It features your professional history, education, achievements, and skills – anything that will sell you as the candidate of choice.

A CV will often be accompanied by a formal application form, as well as a cover letter that aims to persuade the employer to give you an interview – learn how to write a cover letter here.

CVs can follow a wide range of structures depending on the industry, role, seniority and so forth, with the main difference being whether they are chronological or skills based. That said, there are some common sections everyone tends to write in their CV, detailed below.

how to structure your CV

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