making recruitment easier and efficient.

Adopting Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) puts you in control of the people your organistation hires but removes the strain of searching for them.

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what is RPO?

Whether it's full outsource or modular, Recruitment Process Outsourcing transfers processes to Randstad to deliver your organisation's needs.

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full outsource.

This time and cost efficient model transfers recruitment responsibility to Randstad but gives you control of who's hired. 

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partnership model.

Enter a partnership with us to outline your needs and trust us to do the rest.  

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project RPO.

Randstad's project-based process means we adapt to your specialised requirements and are flexible as they adapt and develop.

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modular RPO.

As a reactive recruiter, Randstad is able to provide whatever element of the recruitment process you need when you want it.

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receive the best graduates.

Graduates entering the market are some of the most highly sought after entrants. Get your attraction right with our RPO process.

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elevating expectations.

We use the combination of technology and human interaction to source, vet and deliver people who make a difference to organisations.

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