• 87% prefer to work in a multi-generational team
  • Age doesn't always equal experience - 80% believe their manager’s age is irrelevant
  • Over half are happy to connect with managers on social media


Many employers are facing the potential challenge of managing multi-generational teams consisting of Baby Boomers, Millennials, and now those that fall into the category of Gen Z. Where concerns may arise about how difficult it may be to manage such a diverse age range, it may come as a surprise that 87% of UK workers do prefer to work in multi-generational teams. 
A study of over 13,500 respondents across the world* carried out by Randstad as part of the recruiter’s latest Workmonitor Report, revealed that 85% of workers in the UK currently work within multi-generational teams. 84% also state that they come up with innovative ideas and solutions thanks to an age diverse team, and 86% believe that collaboration between generations is mutually beneficial. Only 31% of Brits state that they find it difficult to communicate with coworkers who are not from their generation or age group. 

direct manager

As more Millennials hit the workforce and move into senior roles, it is becoming increasingly common for older colleagues to be managed by younger workers. Age aside, 80% of respondents believe that their direct manager’s age doesn't matter as long as they’re inspirational. Three quarters of those surveyed also stated that their current direct manager is talented at working with various generations, and 62% state that their direct manager cares about their career path.

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Social media is an extremely common way to keep in touch with colleagues as workplace relationships develop outside of the office. Randstad’s Workmonitor report revealed that over half (51%) of Brits are connected with their colleagues on personal social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Interestingly over a quarter (27%) are connected with their manager on social media, and are comfortable sharing personal experiences outside of the workplace via the popular online channels.
Graham Trevor, HR Director for Randstad UK says: “It’s great to see that generational differences within teams are being positively recognised, and workers are becoming increasingly confident managing different characteristics and personalities within the same team.
"A multi-generational team brings a range of skills, behaviours and experience to the table. Those who want to develop in their career and deliver innovative ideas will tap into the relevant team members, irrelevant of age."
The Randstad Workmonitor report examines global trends in mobility, job satisfaction and motivation. The latest report provides insight into the multi-generational workforce, flexible working, entrepreneurship and more. The latest report can be found here.

Notes to editors

*Based on a minimum sample size of 400 interviews per country of employees aged 18-65 working over 24 hours a week.

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