Accountancy and Finance workers showing greater coordination and spatial skills than Banking or Insurance

Workers in Accountancy and Finance are leading the way in the Randstad Workout competition. They are the in the top 10% of all sectors, and are leaving their Banking and Insurance competitors by the wayside.

Competitors who work in Accountancy and Finance are proving cool under pressure, and showing some of the quickest reaction times, lightning hand-eye coordination, and strong peripheral awareness. They are the third highest scorers of those completing the Randstad Workout Drills, as shown by an average score of 132 – well above the average score for all competitors (81). The Insurance and Banking sectors are showing far less coordination and reaction skills, with average scores of just 68 and 61 respectively.

Other sectors to watch out for include Engineering (99) and IT (96), both scoring highly. Construction and Telecommunications are proving far less skilful at the spatial awareness and reaction drills, scoring an average of 26 and 20 points respectively.

Train like a Williams F1® Team driver, win tickets to see them race in Abu Dhabi

The Workout competition is being run by specialist recruiter Randstad Financial & Professional and is challenging competitors to take part in drills designed for elite athletes, based on Eye Gym technology. Used by the likes of Williams F1® Team driver Valtteri Bottas and rugby star Jonny Wilkinson, the aim of the drills is to sharpen the speed of decision making, hand-eye coordination and peripheral awareness – skills useful in the boardroom, and during interview preparation, as well as on the race-track.

Training is rewarded, with competitors receiving points each time they complete a drill. The higher the level and the harder the training, the greater the points rewarded, with points building up over time. To stay ahead, players must train regularly – for a maximum of five minutes per day. Just like the Williams F1® Team training – consistency and improvement are the keys to a high score.

The grand prize for sharpening your reactions with the Randstad Workout is two tickets to the 2013 Etihad Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the United Arab Emirates, as well as a Williams F1® Team experience, including a tour of the GP pit lane and garage, business class flights on British Airways and accommodation at the 5* Shangri-La hotel for six nights in the Dubai sunshine.

Rank Industry Average Score
1 Local government 180
2 Retail 144
3 Accountancy & Finance 132
4 Student & Worker Support 130
5 Education – Special needs 120
6 Education – Secondary 105
7 Healthcare 104
8 Engineering 99
9 IT 96
10 Professional services 84
11 Other 82
All sectors 81
12 Sales 81
13 Manufacturing & Logistics 68
14 Banking 68
15 Insurance 61
16 Administration 55
17 Business services 40
18 Oil and gas 35
19 Utilities 32
20 Construction 26
21 Customer service 24
22 Legal 24
23 Property 24
24 Telecommunications 20
25 Social Care 19
26 Education – Primary 16
27 HR 11
28 Central government 11
29 Contact / call centres 6
30 Nursing 2

Tara Ricks, managing director of Randstad Financial & Professional, explains: “In the race to success, driving for the Williams F1® Team and working in accountancy have more in common than you might think. Drivers like Valtteri Bottas use Randstad’s Workout drill to hone their reaction times. It helps them process information, and make decisions much quicker – key ingredients to success in the arena. And these skills are relevant in the working environment too. Responding quickly in the working environment helps candidates looking for work to race ahead in the interview process, and those in work to enhance their performance”

Valtteri Bottas, driver for the Williams F1® Team, said: “The drills used in the Randstad Workout are an important part of my training. Good luck with your workout, and perhaps I will see you at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

Can you better the accountants?

The competition remains open. For your chance to win, simply log onto and take part in Randstad’s Workout, an online competition that challenges you to develop your decision-making, judgement and awareness through engaging drills that help improve your mental agility.

The competition is open to anyone interested in improving their skills and will run until 18th October 2013, with UK residents eligible to win.