A quarter (27%) of ‘very fulfilled’ British workers say they are yet to reach their full potential and have yet more to give at work

Half (48%) of ‘moderately fulfilled’ workers feel the same

Britain’s most fulfilled workers believe that the individual holds the key to finding success at work – determination and self-awareness are key

High flyers say working smart is more important than working long hours

Unfulfilled staff say employers can provide the biggest block to success

Britain’s most professionally fulfilled staff believe they still have more to give in their career in order to reach their full potential.

Amid increasingly positive economic signals, Britain’s high-flyers are showing they are not prepared to rest on their laurels. According to research by Randstad , the specialist recruiter, more than one in four Brits (27%) who describe their professional lives as ‘very fulfilled’ feel they have still not yet reached their full potential. And of those who say they feel ‘moderately fulfilled’ at work, nearly half (48%) believe they still have further to go.  

The majority of British workers (56%) describe professional fulfilment as having “a sense of satisfaction in the work that I do”. Of the UK’s working population, 4.8 million people (16%) describe themselves as ‘very fulfilled’ in terms of their work, while 13.4m (45%) say they feel ‘moderately fulfilled’. 

With three fifths of the working population (18.2 million workers) saying they are at least moderately fulfilled this bodes well with regards to the number of British workers aiming high.

Mark Bull, CEO of Randstad UK and the Middle East, said: “Positive signals for the UK economy seem to be appearing every week which is fantastic news if we’re to achieve a sustainable recovery. What is even more encouraging though is that we’re achieving positive economic results while 1.3 million of Britain’s high-flyers feel they still have further to go to reach their full potential. With this amount of ambition simmering beneath the surface of the UK’s workforce we should be very hopeful of continued growth.”

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