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investing in apprenticeships with randstad.

solving your challenges in hiring, upskilling and retaining top talent.

From overcoming skills shortages within your organisation to the need to grow diverse teams and retain top talent, apprenticeships can help to solve these pain points and empower your organisation to reach new heights.

Professional apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16 and operate in a wide range of dynamic, forward-thinking commercial industries and public sectors.

The top three priorities for investing in apprentices:

  • You can expect to retain more of the people you invest in as apprentices are more likely to stay and work for the organisation that sponsored their training, once they gain their qualification.
  • You can upskill existing colleagues in your organisation. Apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to upskill your workforce, helping to measurably improve employees’ skills, and help them become more effective within their roles, while gaining recognised and approved qualifications.
  • You can transform the diversity of your workforce by hiring people with a wider range of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. This also allows organisations to benefit from an intergenerational perspective, as people can undertake an apprenticeship at any point in their career.
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Randstad apprenticeships are delivered by Pareto (a Randstad company), approved on the Department for Education's Apprenticeship Provider and Assessment Register. To find out more about Pareto (a Randstad company) see