Being the largest recruitment and HR solutions business in the world takes organisation and people. At Randstad UK, we have hundreds of specialist recruiters and client account managers, all working together as a team to create meaningful careers for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a hive of activity, of teamwork and most importantly, of opportunities. A lot of this activity is in our branch Operations, led by our Business Operations Leadership Team, or BOLT for short.

But what is BOLT? In the first of our #LifeAtRandstad series, we spoke to Owen Goodhead - COO of Randstad UK and Business Operations, to tell us a bit more.

so what is BOLT?

BOLT is the leadership team that oversee all of Branch Operations which is segmented into our different industry sectors (education, construction & property, information technology, healthcare and engineering for example). The team is made up of talented and proven  leaders; all of whom are specialists in their own sectors, but are also extremely adaptable and knowledgeable across our other sectors. The majority of our BOLT members have grown their leadership career organically in our business, demonstrating our commitment to careers, not jobs.

how do BOLT operate?

Instead of having separate business areas, all operating independently from one another with separate objectives, BOLT brings these teams together. This means that we work as a team, rather than individuals; we’re collaborative and efficient in the way that we work. This also means we have the ability to move at pace and scale up very quickly and effectively.


Owen G
Owen G

is there flexibility in BOLT?

Our innovative thinking and team culture really thrives in the office, and each office has its own unique vibe. That being said, the introduction of our flexible working initiative, flex@randstad, has really changed our way of working for the better. So long as our client and candidate needs are met, everyone at Randstad has the ability to flex their hours or location to create a work-life harmony that benefits them and the team.

what are your top four tips for someone looking to join branch operations?

  1. Be a specialist in your field. Although we are working in a collaborative, team-orientated way, we have to remain specialists in our fields. This is what clients come to us for and what we strive to provide. For someone joining our branch operations team, we love to see passion for a particular field, which, coupled with our industry leading training, allows you to become an expert in this field.
  2. Be analytical and use data to make informed decisions. This doesn’t mean we run the business from a spreadsheet of course, but it means if the data is telling a clear story, you are able to use that to make an informed decision, rather than simply doing things as they always have been done.
  3. Be confident and challenge the status quo - you will do very well at Randstad. We want people to join us who are not afraid to challenge the norm. We’re keen to engage with people who think beyond potential limitations and create stretch goals to meet their, and our, future aspirations. If you feel that something could work better, show us it can! This confidence and self-determination is what makes a great Branch Operations  member.
  4. Bring your true self to work and encourage those around you to do the same. We are committed to being inclusive in all we do, because we know that if you’re happy with us, you’ll forge a meaningful career and one day have the opportunity to become a member of BOLT yourself.

Those would be my four top tips for being successful in Branch Operations - turn your passion into a specialism, be analytical and fact driven, be confident to challenge and be yourself .

We’re always looking for great people to join us, so if you feel this could be the exciting next step in your career, check out our career opportunities by clicking the button below.