A few leafy friends can help brighten any workspace – not only will your work day start off a little happier, desk plants are proven to boost our wellbeing, and with that in mind, there’s even more reason to go green. 

This year’s mental health week theme is ‘nature’ and we’re bringing the outside in. Plants are being suggested as a remedy to the effects of SAD and taking care of plants can also be a great way to practice self-care.

With this being said, it seems like a no-brainer to introduce some greenery into your working environment. 

Here are 3 adorable workspace plants to get you started;

Succulents = stress free

Succulents are easy-going and sun loving little guys and they have proven to reduce stress and anxiety. They’ve become the hottest trends with millennials as they’re unique, colourful and look pretty in a picture! These low maintenance plants require little to no attention but do need the right growing environment. Some watering and the right potting mix can help it thrive. 

Colours to make you happy

Whatever your colour is, make it a happy one! Scientists believe that our exposure to colour can actually boost our mood and sense of wellbeing even on those Blue Monday’s. So now’s the perfect time to invest in a Polka Dot Plant for your space, its unique style and colour can’t fail to brighten your outlook. 

Ideal for any environment

The named ZZ plant (aka Zamioculca zamiifolia) won’t make you yawn despiste the name! It's an easy to grow and care for indoor plant that has become an Instagram star thanks to the glossy and wide leaves. It’s an ideal workspace buddy as it needs only low light and a dash of water every now and then. 

We’ve got other great ways to connect with nature this mental health week.