Considering a new job to increase your salary, or wondering how to get a payrise? A salary calculator can be a great way to ensure you know how much you’re worth.

With so many average wage stats and monthly salary calculators online, where on earth should you start and how do you know the salary information is up-to-date?
Our tops tips quickly help point you in the right direction.

UK salary calculators - location, location, location.

When you’re surfing the net for salary information, keep an eye on the location. A good salary checker will allow you to search regionally. The more specific you are, the more accurate the average wage information you’ll find. A software developer job in London is likely to offer a higher salary than a similar role in Birmingham for example.

Also look for a wage calculator which doesn’t just tell you the average annual salary but gives you a low to high sliding scale. This helps you set pay offer targets and ensure you don’t accept a job offer that doesn’t meet industry expectations.

the people behind the numbers.

As helpful as salary calculators are, don’t let them be your only source of salary data. Whilst speaking with other industry peers, friends and/or family roles can also help steer you in the direction, it’s often not always appropriate to ask your colleagues about their salary. Be warned - you’ll quickly find that many individuals don’t feel comfortable talking about their salary or they enhance their package to impress others.  

Speaking with your local expert recruitment consultant can be a great way to get some insider salary information. An annual salary calculator can be useful but seasonal trends and/or skills shortages can quickly increase salaries and packages. If your skills are in demand and lots of employers are hiring, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate.

salary search by industry.

After conducting some initial research using an online salary calculator, take some time to do some additional reading. Most recruiters produce detailed salary guides and salary surveys. Randstad’s 2019 salary survey looks at pay grades across different sectors for a range of common job titles. The guides are typically arranged by function and by location too.  

monthly, annual or hourly?

Always think about how you secure the best salary information. A good salary calculator will take into considering whether you’re in a temp or perm job role. Many manufacturing roles calculate pay by hour, whether construction jobs may be project or salary-based. Take time to consider the additional benefits you’re likely to enjoy should you pursue a permanent position. Our article on the different employment types could be very helpful if you’re unsure.

If you’re paid by the hour, always be mindful of the minimum wage thresholds.

Now you’re armed with all the salary advice and information you need, it’s over to you to decide whether it’s time to look for a new job or whether to ask for a payrise to boost your salary.