For people working in call centre jobs, The Call Centre and Customer Services summit is an event that brings industry professionals together to discuss best practices in structured meetings and workshops. It is designed to help attendees generate new ideas and share information without feeling like they are being pressured by external influences. It also provides suppliers who work directly with call centres with a chance to promote exciting new products that can help improve operations and effectiveness in call centres. Ultimately, it is a networking opportunity and allows professionals to mingle with one another outside of the office.

Attendees do not have to pay a ticket price, but may be required to find local accommodation as the summit is held in London Stansted on April 20, 2015. Those who register for the event early will be guaranteed accommodation at the Radisson Blu Hotel, where the event is taking place. The package includes meals and refreshments throughout the summit.

It is not compulsory for delegates to attend any of the workshops or discussions. All participants are instead encouraged to liaise with representatives who are most relevant to their professional needs. This maximises the benefit gained from attending the summit and ensures that those involved leave the event with a number of new connections and ideas.

How is the day made up?
When delegates arrive to the event, they will be taken to a meeting space and briefed on the summit's itinerary. From there, it is a matter of connecting with proposed suppliers at agreed appointment times and discuss matters that are pertinent to their own professional needs. There are also a number of breaks throughout the day, which facilitate other networking opportunities. Further networking is possible at a gala dinner.

All of this is within a relaxed business environment, where there are no hard sale rules in place – delegates are free to converse with one another without the fear of any high-pressure sales tactics being applied to them.

Why attend the call centre and customer services summit?

Call centre professionals are in great demand at present, so being able to network with other like-minded professionals ensures those who are completely new to the field have the best chance possible to sharpen up their knowledge. Similarly, it will provide both newcomers and experienced call centre representatives with an opportunity to hone their customer service skills and develop more practical telephone handling capabilities.

The suppliers who will be in attendance are also closely involved with the industry, so there will be no rogue products or services on display that have no merit to call centre or customer service professionals. This ensures that any meetings or discussions taking place will be highly relevant and allow professionals to walk away having acquired something that is of use at their workplaces.

Suppliers and delegates are also able to connect with one another before the event begins using a pre-event matching process, which allows high priority attendees to be accommodated before the event even starts. Up to 24 attendees can be named in addition to any specific needs that they might have, such as dietary issues or other special requirements.