What impact does the new legislation have on you and those you care for?

The Care Act 2014 represents the most significant reform of care and support in England in more than 60 years, not only because it gives people and their carers more control of their care and support, but also because of the collaborative nature of its passage through parliament.

Well-being: the changing role of local authorities 

Under the Care Act local authorities will take on new functions. This is to make sure that people who live in their areas: 

• receive services that prevent, reduce and delay their care needs from becoming more serious
• can get the information they need to make good decisions about care and support
• have a good range of providers to choose from 

This duty to promote people's well-being applies not just to users of services, but also to carers and is the driving force behind the new legislation.

One of the factors local authorities will have to consider surrounds identifying carers in the area who might have support needs that are not being met. The new legislation with its emphasis on prevention means that carers should receive support earlier before reaching crisis point.

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