In almost every industry, the secret to success is often sales.  From small start-up companies to global giants, all organisations must fill positions related to sales; from sales executives and account managers to sales support staff.  The sales recruiter works diligently to connect results-oriented, effective sales professionals with companies that need them.

Sales professionals are high-risk, high-reward personalities that directly impact revenue, perhaps more than any other department in a company.  When a sales position opens up, it is critical to find the right fit.  Sales recruiters understand this and help to drive triumph by seeking out and retaining superior sales talent for those open spots.

Sales career progression.

We look in to:

  • everyday responsibilities
  • growing in the role
  • salary

Every day responsibilities.

Sales recruiters may work for a larger recruiting firm or may be freelance operatives.  These individuals work to place sales talent within larger companies that are seeking viable employees.  The recruiter will screen, interview, assess, and present candidates to their client companies.  Daily duties typically include mining for job candidates, maintaining candidate databases, conducting background checks, researching references, and plenty of networking.  Hiring companies usually pay the sales recruiter for every candidate successfully placed.

Growing in the role.

Sales recruiters, as with any recruitment consultant jobs, play an integral role in the market success of their client companies, therefore commitment, motivation, and skill are of the essence.  It is also helpful to have completed secondary education and have received a bachelor’s degree.  Course studies focusing on sales, business management, and finance are also a good basis for successful sales recruiters.  

Succeeding in this industry, however, requires more than an educational background.  Sales recruiters should exhibit a solid understanding that success is a sales job requires more than mere industry knowledge and charm.  A strong grasp of the local markets and global developments, market culture, and strategic insight are essential.

Increasing your salary.

Sales recruiters that are just starting out will typically be paid an entry-level salary, but it is possible to progress in the sector and make even more money over time.  Increasing one’s salary has everything to do with the effort that is put into the job.  Starting with both short and long-term professional goals is an excellent way to track one’s progress.  Part of this plan may also be to continue education and stay on track with market trends and certifications.  It is also important to leverage one’s network – the more people one knows and who knows them, the better.

Working hard in the sales recruiting industry is a sure way to increase your income and enjoy success, but location also plays a role in this achievement.  Take London, for example.  London is a major powerhouse in both business and industry, so it makes sense that sales recruiters hoping for a long, lucrative career would settle there.  Living and working in a big city like London is very helpful to those working in jobs in recruitment – the networking possibilities are endless.  Sales recruiters might, however, also consider joining groups that are specific to their industry and area.