Coronavirus has impacted the nation in more ways than one. In addition to people’s health, the impact on jobs and careers has, in some sectors, been significant. There are many workers who can no longer safely go to work in their current role and they’ve found themselves asking ‘what job can I do now?’ Today we answer some of those questions and highlight some new career advice and success stories from recent weeks. 

what job can I do?

If you’re looking for a new career during lockdown it’s time to think about your experience and your skills. Rather than look at the job roles you’ve done to date, think about the skills you can offer future employers. How can you best use your skills in another job or new career? Be prepared to showcase how your experience is relevant in another sector or industry. Here’s just a handful of have made a successful short-term career shift:

supply teacher to NHS carer.

Schools closed in May leaving many supply teachers looking for a short-term change in role. Able to leverage their patience and soft skills, many teachers are now exploring a short-term change of career within the care sector - with fast-track training available. Click here to learn more.   

automotive manufacturing to ventilator production. 

With many automotive manufacturing jobs put on hold during spring, many workers are looking at other ways to use their production skills. In Dagenham, there are hundreds of roles available to support the manufacture of ventilators for the NHS. It’s a great way to use production skills in a new way...and even help to save lives. Click here to apply now and save lives tomorrow.   

from labourer to delivery driver. 

Many construction sites are closed leaving labourers wondering how to find a new job until restrictions have lifted. With many enjoying an outdoors role and working to a schedule, many construction workers are turning their hand to delivery driving. With online orders soaring, there’s certainly no shortage of delivery and driver jobs available. Click here to sign up

office admin and sales jobs to call centre staff    

Many office jobs give employees the flexibility to work from home but that’s not always the case. Equally, those who normally enjoy an on the road sales job are no longer able to travel or keep appointments. Taking advantage of their strong communication skills, many are now already enjoying call and contact centre roles - many of which also offer very flexible hours. Search all our jobs.

decorator to cleaning jobs 

Handymen and women across the country have had to put their paint brushes and tools down. Challenged with keeping occupied and paying the bills, cleaning jobs have proven a lifeline for many. In addition to there being lots of cleaning jobs available, many workers feedback that they enjoy being on their feet and busy. It’s certainly a job that’s helping to save lives in hospitals too, with many securing key worker status. Click here to sign up.  

teaching and student support to exam invigilator.

With the education system seeing the biggest shake-up witnessed in our lifetime most likely, there is a strong possibility that hundreds of students across the country will decide to resit GCSE and A-level exams this autumn/winter. We are currently working with the DfE to recruit exam invigilators across the country for this reason. If you are DBS certified and interested in finding out more, register your interest here.

how to find a new job?

A job change can be daunting especially if you’re looking at a career shift. Working in partnership with a recruiter is a great way to secure helpful career advice. They will help you identify new career opportunities based on your skills, experience and persona - and they’ll be able to put forward some new career ideas you probably haven’t even considered. They’re best placed to help redeploy you and to do so at speed (as they already have many contacts and live jobs on their books).

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