Marketing is perhaps one of the most diverse categories of employment that candidates can find themselves involved in. For those with general marketing experience, it could be time to make the next move to a more specialised department or area in marketing. So, what are some of the hottest areas in marketing that are worth considering at the moment? We shall take a look at five of the fastest growing areas in marketing that you just might want to take into consideration for your next job.

Trending marketing jobs and careers

Digital marketing

One of the fastest growing areas in marketing is digital marketing, which takes the whole concept of advertising and content delivery to a whole new level. The simple fact that there are so many channels to proliferate means marketers need to be on top of their game at all times: keeping up with the latest trends and developments to hit computers, mobile phones, and other devices that access the Internet.

People in digital marketing jobs will be responsible for the management of social, search and other channels that drive online traffic and lead to conversions. Simply put, digital marketers need to be in command of the Internet at all times since it is where their message is reaching potential customer or clients. It is an aggressive market as well, since other digital marketers are vying for the same segment of consumers and are competing for their attention. This modern marketing environment appeals to those who like fast-paced, cutting-edge work scenarios and is sure to keep those who get involved on their feet.

As an emerging area of marketing, there are few academic qualifications available for those who wish to get involved in digital, but the Level 4 CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing is often regarded as the benchmark standard. There are many ways to absorb training and development in marketing. Those with well-rounded marketing portfolios are also considered

Project management

Project management requires marketers to work on specific, longer-term projects. These will often be for long running campaigns where businesses need to get their message out surrounding a product or service that is likely to become a staple in their portfolio. It is akin to general marketing, in the sense that it will require marketers to utilise the more traditional approach to conventional marketing and follow the appropriate channels as dictated by the project itself. Additionally, it is likely to suit those who have been working in various project management roles for some time and wish to hone in on one particular product or service and follow it from an early stage, which is typically the launch phase.

Candidates will need to hold relevant degrees or have significant experience in marketing and advertising. They are also likely to need financial skills, as project management tends to require numeracy on behalf of marketers in order to ensure costs are managed appropriately.

Brand management

Brand management is perhaps one of the most important aspects to customer retention. Of course, many of us are on the lookout for the best value for money and are saving our pennies wherever possible, but we will often go to products or services by name because of the actual high level of quality against cost. This is where brand management jobs come into play. Brand managers will ensure that the customer perception of a product or service is ‘good value for money’ (or whatever the target of the business happens to be).

There are no widely accepted brand management courses, as they tend to be a part of general marketing degrees, which candidates will need to hold before entering the field as a speciality. However, a recognised commitment to branding and particular success on a branding project are likely to reflect favourably.

Events management

For those with preferences leaning towards short-term projects, events management could be right up their alley. Events will require specialised promotion in order to increase sales and ensure the event itself is filled to capacity where possible. This can only be done through effective customer awareness and usually works in conjunction with brand management.

Like brand managers, there are no specific events management courses as they are usually incorporated into a general marketing degree. However, those with prior exposure to events in a marketing capacity are likely to be seen more positively by prospective employers.


For those with exceptional communication skills, a PR job could be a great option for marketers looking for a more all-inclusive approach that does not delve too far from traditional marketing. PR personnel relay information from a business to the general public to ensure messages are getting across whether they are about branding, special promotions, or just general awareness.

PR positions generally do not require a marketing background, but will require business administration backgrounds skills. Some practical experience is also required to help polish candidate profiles and bring them to higher professional standards.