Firstly, a big congratulations for receiving a job offer! All that hard work in preparation for the interview really paid off - and this is now the most exciting part of the job search process. 

Accepting an offer verbally isn’t as easy as saying, ‘I want the job, where do I sign!’ Before you accept the job offer, you should think about whether you want to negotiate your salary, benefits and start date before signing on the dotted line

Once you’ve discussed the details with your future employer over the phone, ask for some time to consider the job offer. Express your thanks and interest in the job and confirm that you’ll soon follow up the offer in writing. You can either choose to lock in the offer or take this as another opportunity to negotiate. We’d always encourage you to do a formal acceptance email following your phone call.

Here’s four steps on how to accept a job offer in writing;

  • Negotiate and evaluate the offer (salary, job title, benefits, start date etc)
  • Express your thanks for the job offer and highlight key experiences in your interview process that make you excited to join the team (or ask about any unknown entities or concerns)
  • Wrap up on a positive note and agree next steps (pre onboarding, tech delivery, etc)
  • Read through before sending 

How to negotiate and evaluate the offer (salary, job title, benefits, etc)

It’s always best to go back and confirm the terms of employment and that you have understood the finer points of the offer this includes; salary, job title, benefits and starting date. This is where you also have the opportunity to negotiate these terms and conditions. 

Negotiate the job offer if necessary. If you like the job but feel some aspects of the job offer isn’t competitive enough, feel free to negotiate. Think about the salary and the benefits as a full package and if they would work for you. Some things to consider; 

  • Benefits and perks 
  • Commute time 
  • Work hours
  • Company Culture 

Don’t be shy! You’ve gotten this far in the hiring process, and if they’re really interested in hiring you, your future employer would be open to listening.

Express your thanks for the job offer

Your future employer is as excited as you are about joining the company. A personal thank you goes a long way and it's thoughtful to address the hiring manager or the recruiter who sent the offer, but also to the recruiter or hiring manager who helped you through the process in getting this far.   

Wrap up on a positive note

Don’t be afraid to let your future employer know how excited you are about the role once you’ve accepted the position. Find out more about what happens next. Ask about;

  • Background check
  • Required screenings
  • Pre-onboarding
  • When your tech will arrive


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or new to the world of work, it doesn’t hurt to run through your email to make sure you've included everything that you wanted to and for any grammar or spelling mistakes that might have slipped through. This will ensure that you give your new employer the best impression of you. You can always get a friend or trusted colleague to give you feedback. 

End note

Accepting a job offer is an exciting step so be sure to celebrate and acknowledge what you have accomplished. This new job is the next step in your career journey - we know you’ll be great. Good luck! And if you need any advice on how to make a good first impression when you start, click here.