Ever had that sinking feeling of watching one of the new sales team overtake you on the team leader board? When it comes to sales, everyone has good and bad months so we spoke to Isobel Loch and Anne Creeley, Strategic Account Managers at Randstad for their top tips.

Top 10 tips.

  1. Follow every lead given to you even if it seems only a very small opportunity - these can grow.
  2. Always have an agenda and action log for client meetings to ensure they run smoothly. Have good quality content and a proposal so the client perceives you as a professional.
  3. Always thank clients for the meeting - after the first meeting post a letter or send an email to thank them.
  4. Keep in regular contact with all your main clients as they move jobs and can open up other opportunities for you.
  5. Follow up - remember to call when you say you are going to call and do what you say you will do by a given deadline.
  6. Take a consistent review of your client database. Who and what is bringing in the business?
  7. Check you are offering solutions to your clients that are relevant to them. One size doesn’t always fit all!
  8. Ensure you gather all facts before offering solutions
  9. Have an open and friendly relationship sale and ask for recommendations.
  10. Always research your client especially news stories posted that day on their website - a great discussion point to start meetings.

These 10 point tips should be followed each month to ensure that you stay on top of sales and hit the target each month.