how to create your personal brand - a video guide.


Marketing yourself to prospective employers isn’t easy and these days, landing your dream job can involve more than simply crafting a winning CV and cover letter.

Creating what is known as a ‘personal brand’ is now considered essential practice for ambitious modern jobseekers and building a polished and recognizable professional profile can really help you impress prospective employers and give them a real idea as to what they’re ‘getting’. 

So, if you’re looking to build a personal brand and get ahead in your job hunt, watch our five-minute personal branding guide below and find out how to get started.

Key points to remember:

  • Identify your area of expertise, be specific too and showcase examples highlighting your knowledge and experience.
  •  Find an online publishing platform which is relevant to your industry and will allow you to easily share articles, examples of your work or your CV.
  • Clean up your social profiles and review your privacy settings to ensure you’re presenting a positive professional image to prospective employers. Avoid facebook faux pas. Remember the internet has a long memory. Don’t give anybody digital rope to hang you by. 
  • Remember to try and network both online and offline. Share your work, connect with colleagues and attend industry events to meet other professionals in your field.

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