Even the most experienced professionals find the prospect of networking with peers a daunting one. The fear of an awkward conversation or approaching a target insincerely leaves many people intimidated.

However, if you can get over the nerves and prepare correctly, working the room at industry events can really help you enhance your career prospects, build up your confidence and allow you to get a better understanding of your industry.  

Remember, you don't always have to be a confident extrovert to succeed at networking, so watch our short video guide to find out how you can prepare.

Key points to remember:

• Plan ahead - Rehearse a short, informal way of introducing yourself, limiting yourself to 45 seconds to describe the core details of your current role clearly and concisely. 

• Start with who you know - Approach friends, university alumni or former colleagues who might have contacts in your field. This way, you can be introduced by a mutual acquaintance rather than approaching someone cold that you’re not that well acquainted with.

• Let your personal agenda take a backseat - Remember, successful networkers often rely on sharing advice or recommending services before they can really begin discussing their own background and ambitions.

• Don’t spread yourself too thinly - Don’t spread yourself too thinly and try to charm everyone in the room. Instead, focus on building a rapport with a few key influencers and consider asking thoughtful and genuine questions to spark lengthy conversations.

• Maintaining your networks - If you’ve managed to come away from an event with new contacts, consider following-up with an email or LinkedIn connection request a day or two afterwards.

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