Whether you’re starting your first job, you’re thinking of changing careers altogether, or you’re simply after a new challenge, making that first move can seem daunting. Where do you begin? Who do you talk to? What’s going to be the right thing for you?

Business woman Olivia Murray has been in that exact position. At aged just 16, Olivia came to Randstad to get some support in finding her first ever job, after her mother had worked with us for years. 10 years on, we caught up with Olivia to find out why she chose to work with a recruiter at such a young age, what she learnt from the experience, and where her career has now progressed to.

Olivia’s story:

One thing we loved about talking to Olivia was the fact that 10 years on from first meeting the Randstad team, she is still in touch with them, and still uses the skills they taught her to this day.

How does a recruiter help you find a job?

The Randstad team will set up a meeting with anyone who is looking for work, to talk them through the registration process, and explain what opportunities are on offer. One thing that really benefited Olivia from this initial meeting was the fact that the team tailored their advice to her career stage: they explained what the working world looked like, and what was required to join it in a way she could understand as a young person.

What stands out about Randstad in particular?

In Olivia’s words: “Randstad took a risk on me”. The team listened to the fact that she wanted a job in healthcare, rather than administration which was all that had been offered to her previously. They found her a role with her long term goals in mind, and supported her through the training and onboarding process - Olivia stayed working with the NHS for another six years. 

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Randstad is willing to take a risk and support you.

Why work with Randstad?

The team who Olivia met with helped her push through her anxieties about starting work, because of not only their specialist market knowledge, but the fact that they were friendly. Even once she secured her job, her consultant was on hand to answer any questions she had, however big or small.

Why a market specialist worked for Olivia:

How can a recruiter act as a career partner?

From Olivia’s experience, working with Randstad didn’t just stop when she got her first job. As time passed, she stayed in touch with the team and as her experience grew, and her interests developed, the team were able to find her a job working with her local council through the Brexit referendum and general elections. 

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Randstad allowed me to take on things that aligned with my interests and aligned with my passions and grow as a person.

What has Randstad made possible for Olivia?

When Olivia looks back on her career journey so far, she realises the impact that the team she works with has had on her, because they shared her values.

Olivia’s role now involves supporting disadvantaged young people into the workplace, and she loves the fact that she can help others into their first role, just as Randstad did for her. She’s also undertaking an MSc in Computer Science & Data Analysis, and is already speaking to the team at Randstad about what the next stage in her career could look like.

Could this be you?

Feeling inspired by Olivia’s story? Whatever stage of your career you are in, the team at Randstad is here to support you.