In the tech world, nothing stays still for long. So it’s something of an eye-opener to realise that Java developers are still very much in demand, more than 20 years after the programming language was first launched.

The ever-growing interest in e-commerce is one key driver of demand for java developer jobs. Another is the continuing reliance of many firms on Java-based applications to automate internal processes. So it’s good news for those seeking Java developer roles – and many of the best opportunities are outside London in places like Bristol, Cambridge and Glasgow where salaries for freelances are often higher than in the capital.

The demand for Java developers.

The longevity of Java has contributed to the ongoing high availability of Java developer jobs. It remains one of the most popular programming languages in use and regularly tops the TIOBE Index measuring how many lines of code are written each month.

E-commerce is a big deal for Java developers with lots of major shopping platforms built using the language. The other main driver for Java’s popularity is its use as a platform for other software tools. Web servers, application servers, databases, business process management tools and content management systems all run on Java. Even cloud technology is an area that Java developers are well-placed to exploit.

Up and coming tech cities outside London.

Although London remains the centre of the British tech industry, there are more and more opportunities opening up around the country, with Bristol leading the pack.

Contractors in Bristol working in the cloud sector earn an average of £520 per day, compared with just £436 in London, according to the Daily Telegraph. Web developers earn a bit less in Bristol than the capital, at £317 per day on average compared with £365. 

Why Bristol is a great place to start your job hunt?

Considering a java developer job in Bristol would give you other benefits as well. The lower cost of living means that salaries in Bristol offer a great deal more purchasing power than for London-based contractors. 

Housing cost is a major differential – the average weekly rent in Bristol is just half the price the London rents, and restaurants, and consumer prices are significantly lower. According to the cost of living index, you need to earn just £3,100 per month to have the same standard of living as someone earning £4,400 a month in London. 

It’s also easier to find work in Bristol for Java developers as there is less competition for jobs. Recruitment ads for web and Java developers have grown by 14 per cent compared with 12 per cent in London.

Time to look beyond the M25.

There’s no doubt that London continues to offer higher salaries for IT workers than the rest of the UK, with the average full-time worker earning £52,982 per year. But Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Sheffield are not far behind.

Cambridge and Glasgow are good places to look for a full-time job, but the tried and tested method of working on contract to test out a company before looking for a full-time position means that Bristol is an excellent place to work.

With nine million Java developers working around the world, the programming language continues to be relevant and useful in the modern tech environment. And with contractors in high demand in Bristol, there’s no better time to consider a move.