If you’re looking for NQT jobs in order to complete your induction year, you will probably have a lot of questions. The first question might be – do I have to do it? In short, yes, unless you want to teach in an independent school, or FE college. Otherwise, induction is a statutory requirement and to keep your options open, it makes sense to complete it. If you're still applying, you may benefit from these interview questions and tips.

Newly qualified teacher jobs: induction information.

All teachers qualified after 7 May 1999 must successfully complete induction to teach in maintained schools and non-maintained special schools in England. So let’s explore some of the most commonly asked questions from NQTs about completing induction.

Is there a deadline for NQTs to start / finish induction?

No. There’s no time limit. We would encourage NQTs to start induction straight after QTS, however, if a there has been a long time between QTS and induction or between teaching posts during it, NQTs can undertake refresher training.

Can a NQT do supply work before they have completed induction?

Yes, a NQT who hasn’t completed induction can do short-term supply work in a maintained school or nursery, PRU and non-maintained special school. However, there is a strict time limit - 5 years from the start date of their first supply contract, by calendar months, regardless of any time during this period when the teacher is not doing supply.

And after the 5 year limit?

After this, a teacher cannot undertake any further supply work (of any duration) in a maintained school or nursery, non-maintained special school or pupil referral unit unless the local authority has granted an extension OR if the NQT is employed for a term or more and can undertake induction full or part-time.

Do part-time posts count?

Yes. An NQT in a part-time position can still do induction. The post will need to last for a term or more to count towards the induction period. The length of the induction will be longer.

What if I am ill during my induction year?

If you are absent for 30 or more school working days, your induction period will be extended by the aggregated number of days absent.

What if I need maternity leave?

You can request an extension of your induction to match the statutory maternity leave period, if you wish. Your request cannot be refused.

You don’t have to extend your induction period, but if not, you will not complete induction and won’t be eligible to teach – unless your headteacher can vouch for you having completed the induction requirements, with the local authority or ISCTIP. If an NQT chooses not to extend induction after taking maternity leave, performance is still assessed against the core standards. Seek advice from headteacher/ principal, induction tutor or a union before making such a decision.

What if I have been absent?

If a NQT's absences over the whole re-induction period comes to 30 days or more, the induction is extended automatically. It must be extended by the aggregated total of days absent. If part-time, only absences falling on days when the NQT is contracted to work count.

Can NQTs take a break during induction?

Yes. For as long as you like, but during that time, you cannot take up a permanent post in a maintained school or non-maintained special school. Your induction programme must continue if you’re in a school where it is available.

Doing short-term supply teaching is allowed during a break, because it does not count as employment towards the required induction period (provided the 16 month period has not expired). You can also teach in an educational setting where induction isn’t compulsory (independent school or further education college).

Induction can be tough. Chat to your induction tutor, say how you are feeling; make sure you take some time for yourself and get a work-life balance. If you want to read more about your induction, click here for information from the Department for Education.