Are you thinking of moving abroad to Britain? Packing up and moving overseas is a big life change but it needn’t be complicated.

At Randstad, we’ve placed candidates from Australia in their dream jobs across the UK and it is our aim to give you an experience of a lifetime free from the stress a job search can often bring. Read more about your peers and the journeys they’ve made. 

Adam Guinea, multi-skilled engineer

Adam started his career in Mackay, Queensland, working as a diesel fitter in the mining industry. He migrated from Australia to London in March 2016, where he started his next adventure working as a multi-skilled engineer for a facilities management company.

Q: How did you first hear about Randstad?

AG: I first heard of Randstad through a friend of mine who had been working in skilled trades. He had already come over on a Tier 5 visa and had found employment very easily within the FM industry.

Q: How was your experience with Randstad from the initial contact through to being placed?

AG: My experience with Randstad was swift and uncomplicated and the FM team always dealt with me in a friendly and personable way. The entire process took less than a week from the initial phone call through to the interview and then onto getting my first placement. I was pleasantly surprised at the volume of work on offer and had a variety of roles to choose from.

Q: What support did Randstad provide in your move to the UK? E.G. help with VISAs, securing interviews, lifestyle setup advice.

AG: Randstad helped me navigate into my early roles whilst I made the transition into an industry that, at the time, I was unfamiliar with. They provided further support later on when I started my own limited company.

It has been nearly two years now and I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the contracts I have received. Being provided with the opportunity to learn and develop on the job has given me the invaluable skills and training that enabled me to become self-employed.

Q: Was there anything unique about the recruitment process? How does it compare to previous job searches?

AG: The reason I never had to look elsewhere for work was due to both the quality of the contracts and my relationship with the FM team at Randstad. They were always on-hand to talk to if I ever had a problem. Randstad’s portfolio allowed their team to place me in work according to both my skill level and my location - a factor that was very important to me.

Q: Has your consultant kept in touch to help find other assignments/projects for you?

AG: Whether I was nearing the end of a completion date or just returning from holidays, the consultants were always available and eager to make sure I flowed between contracts seamlessly.

Q: Would you recommend Randstad to a friend?

AG: I am constantly recommending Randstad to my friends. They managed to make two usually very stressful life changes (migrating to a new country and changing careers) easy. 

We work tirelessly to place candidates all over the world. If you would like help with your UK job search, or are looking for some more information on what we could do for you, please get in contact today.