Why become a trainee recruitment consultant? 

Getting started in a recruitment consultant career begins with choosing a good team to join and one where there is good training and opportunity to quickly climb the career ladder. Becoming a trainee recruitment consultant at a specialist recruiter like Randstad may be the ideal choice. Our sales offices are both thriving and friendly, making for a welcoming work environment.  The opportunities for career advancement are of great benefit - the consultancy is world famous, known for its internal managerial promotion rate of eighty percent (80%).

This means that hardworking and successful people are recognised and quickly rewarded.  Managers, consultants   and mentors help trainee recruitment consultants excel and take training seriously by providing a range of on the job advice and support.  Trainee recruitment consultants can expect big rewards with hard work, as they overcome the challenges of the very competitive recruitment environment.

A company like Randstad focuses on building teams that have a highly specialised knowledge when it comes to recruiting for a particular industry sector, job function  or location. They are well positioned in the global labour market and are adept at arming consultants with valuable marketing insight to help them open doors and support clients and candidates.

Some of our core specialisms include: Business Support - Sales, Marketing, Secretarial and Administration; Care; CPE - Construction, Property and Engineering; Digby Morgan - HR; Education; Financial & Professional; Inhouse Services; Sourceright; Student and Worker Support; and Technologies.  

In addition to the many recruitment consultant specialisation roles that trainee recruitment consultants can work within, there is ample opportunity for the trainees to work toward more senior roles and in other career paths within the company. Below you can see a few examples of how some of our colleagues have progressed after beginning their careers in recruitment with Randstad.

Jacob Brown - team leader

Achieving success in the recruitment does not always require years of industry specific experience. Jacob Brown came from the field of property, with experience as an estate agent. The negotiation and customer service skills Jacob had developed in his sales career really helped him progress in recruitment and surpass expectations. Jacob's previous experience combined with his hard work ethic are what helped him achieve success, along with the guidance provided by the managers, mentors, and experts at Randstad.

Gareth Jeffrey - consultant

With experience working on a commercial desk in telesales, Gareth Jeffrey first joined Randstad as a trainee recruitment consultant.  Though he says there is a difference between conducting sales calls and recruitment, the skills of the one-on-one interactions with people has no doubt prepared him for a career with Randstad.  Within one year, Dylan became a consultant and having only worked for about two years, expects to be at the senior consultant level soon.  Gareth says there is no waiting for higher level positions to become available as he believes hard work is really recognised and rewarded at Randstad. He credits great people and helpful managers as key to the work environment and is grateful for such a beneficial training scheme. 

Kelly Caulfield - account director

With no recruitment experience and no experience in sales, Kelly Caulfield joined as an administrator.  Kelly credits a great manager who saw something special in her and the wonderful training as the catalyst that allowed her to develop and progress through the ranks. As account director, Kelly now enjoys being a mentor to her own team of recruiters, as well as finding solutions for the needs of clients.

Rishi Bajnath - senior resourcing manager

Coming from a small boutique agency, Rishi was looking for a career with a company that invested in people and focused on high performance.  As with the other examples, Rishi began as a recruiter and with hard work climbed the ladder to management.  Rishi credits hard work and the support of the Learning and Development team at Randstad for his success.