Bridging the gap between recruitment and real estate.

While the two might not seem all that linked, real estate personnel often have transferable skills that serve recruitment agencies and recruiting jobs quite well. When it is time to move on from real estate, recruitment could very well be a worthwhile option to consider. Here we will take a look at some of the most widely used skills that real estate agents have and that are also of great importance in the field of recruitment.

Do real estate agents have what it takes to be recruiters?

Real estate agents need to know their market. They need to be familiar with the properties in their portfolios, the needs of the current owner and the needs of any prospective buyers in order to find the best possible match. This is exactly what recruitment entails.

Recruitment consultants need to be aware of the clients within their portfolio in order to match them with the appropriate jobseekers: using their current skills and experiences to create the best possible job match.

Real estate agents also know how to encourage old clients in order to secure some new business for themselves. This also applies to recruitment agents. By approaching former workers who have otherwise become lost in the mix, recruiters will find whether or not candidates are still looking for work and how they can be of further assistance to them. At large, this ensures a greater turnaround for the recruitment agency and prompts clients to return to the agency with further positions in the future.

Ask the right questions.

One of the most fundamental concepts to both positions is the ability to ask questions in order to find out the most from those looking for homes or those looking for jobs. Recruiters need to know exactly what it is that candidates are looking for and what sort of experience they are bringing to the table. By asking these sorts of probing questions, recruiters create the best possible match for candidates, just like real estate agents do while finding homes for their own clients.

Prospective recruiters will often find themselves using the same sorts of questions they did in real estate, too. What are you looking for, where do you want to work, and what is your maximum commuting distance? These are all crossover questions that will replay themselves in the minds of early career recruiters.

Presentation skills.

Real estate agents are some of the masters of the pitch. As effective salespeople, they are able to present and sell houses to their clients with ease; which is exactly what recruiting needs from its personnel. Jobseekers can sometimes be choosy in times of economic downturn, so recruiters may be left with a portfolio of less than desirable positions that need filling. This means they will need to dress them up as far as possible in order to make menial tasks seem more appealing to their general availability of candidates.

Making the move from real estate into a recruitment job

Objection handling

Both real estate agents and recruiters meet objections from people they serve. After all, it is the very nature of the businesses. However, they will need to draw on their sales skills in order to get their message across as effectively as possible and perhaps convert these former objections into positive resolutions. Often, both real estate agents and recruiters hear the same sorts of objections repeatedly. Therefore, building an effective resolution to deal with these particular complaints is the best way forward. Again, this is all down to how they conduct themselves as salespeople.

Organisational skills

Both real estate and recruitment are quite demanding sectors in terms of the sheer volume of paperwork, which is why it is beneficial that estate agents have the ability to keep on top of things and keep items neatly organised. After all, it is something that is needed in recruitment, so it is not something that would be suddenly forgotten.


Both positions are naturally geared towards sales professionals, who are perhaps some of the most persistent professionals in the working world today. Using this drive to close the deal will ensure that all parties remain satisfied throughout their dealings. Whether someone is buying a house or, more specifically, looking for a job, recruiters can use their inherent persistence to communicate the needs of the agency clearly in order to provide jobs to candidates.