Marketing is a challenging area of business support, which plays a crucial role in generating a steady stream of new business opportunities and in spreading the word about a company's products or services.

Marketing requires high levels of creativity and innovation, as well as the ability to devise and carry out effective plans and strategies. Competition is intense in this area of work and this article is intended to provide advice on how to go about getting ahead of the crowd.

The first, and perhaps most important piece of advice, is to check out and select a reputable recruitment agency. Randstad Business Support provide a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure that anyone considering embarking on a career in marketing or looking for a more senior position can do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Climbing the marketing career ladder

Marketing departments usually employ staff with various levels of responsibility attached to them. There are likely to be entry-level positions, such as marketing assistants or administrators, progressing up to executive roles and eventually marketing managers or directors.

Marketing roles at the lower end of the pay scale tend to put an emphasis on administrative work and there will inevitably be fewer opportunities to become involved in the creative side of the job. As a result, marketing workers are often very ambitious and keen to move up the ladder to more senior positions as quickly as possible.

The best way for the individual to achieve this is by working hard, taking training courses and building evidence of dedication and skill in their current position. While most employers will notice these efforts and reward them accordingly, in instances where individuals feel they are being undervalued, using a recruitment company to help them find a new job is often a good option.

Personal development

Due to the competitive nature of marketing, it's always a good idea for individuals to take extra steps to improve their appeal to employers and develop their skill levels. Qualifications from bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing can help them stand out from the crowd, while showing a willingness to go the extra mile will also put them in a great position.

Marketing teams work closely with sales teams within organisations and it's increasingly common to see companies merging the two disciplines. Therefore, someone involved in marketing may want to consider expanding their skill set by taking training courses in sales practices. This will give them something extra to offer from the competition and show that they have a willingness to commit to self-improvement.

In addition to the technical skills described earlier, it's also important to think about personal skills and whether any of these can be improved. Teamwork is an essential feature of any successful marketing department, so anyone who lacks the skills required for a management position might consider taking a relevant training course.

Making an effort to develop personal skills is likely to not only improve their position within their current company, but also enhance their chances of securing a more senior role should they choose to seek employment elsewhere.