Rob Smedley, the lead racing engineer at Williams Martini Racing team, started his dream at age 11, attending his first race with his father. But the glamour of becoming a driver did not interest him. He knew he wanted to be an engineer.

Today Randstad had partnered with Williams on the Randstad Williams Engineering Academy to create an environment where the inspiration of young people can be harnessed and driven into future engineering careers. Both Randstad and Williams see this opportunity to offer such an academy as a social responsibility, as well as push the future of STEM careers. As Rob says in this inspiring film, "these are the people who are going to take over from us."

Randstad has been the official partner of the Williams Martini Racing Team since 2006. Ours is a relationship based on shared values and a determination to produce real results - both of which are underpinned by the caliber of people we employ. This partnership fuels our expertise in engineering recruitment as well as help professional engineering job seekers land the best possible positions.