“So, what did you do during lockdown?” will probably be the most asked interview question of 2020 through to 2021, so how will you tell your future employer that you used your time productively rather than drinking  wine and playing video games?

It is of course totally acceptable to have some downtime and your employer wouldn't necessarily expect you to be improving your CV, volunteering or learning new skills all day every day throughout the lockdown period.

Honesty is always the best policy, and we’re here to help you put a positive and creative spin on your lockdown shenanigans and share top tips on how to spice up your interview answers, and your CV, with some professional alternatives, for when someone asks you what you got up to for months.

video games.

Instead of saying ‘I played video games’ the alternative could be, ‘I used a range of tech/software to help improve my quick decision making, advance my team building skills and navigated my way through challenges’.

drinking wine.

Instead of saying ‘I drank wine every night’ the alternative could be, ‘I educated myself on the world of wine, the specific regions and types that I have grown to prefer’. 

working out.

Instead of saying ‘I worked out in my home gym’ the alternative could be, ‘I looked after my mental health and well-being - this helped me stay focused, be motivated and accomplish goals set’.

watching documentaries.

Instead of saying ‘I watched documentaries on Netflix™’ the alternative could be, ‘I watched diverse and compelling documentaries that sparked my interest in exploring new ways of thinking and how to break down processes’.

phone addiction. 

Instead of saying ‘I wore my thumbs out scrolling Instagram™’ the alternative could be, ‘I virtually visited the world’s largest photo gallery and discovered new art whilst being inspired to develop my own artistic skills’.  

But on a more serious note, why not try advancing your current skills or learning new skills whilst lockdown is still a thing. We’ve got plenty of resources to help you comfortably and successfully learn and work from home.

If you are looking for a new job, find out what you need to help you beat the competition. 

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