When it comes to asking for a promotion, knowing when to ask is as important as having a proven track record of success within the company.

Timing factors

Employees should consider a number of different factors when determining the appropriate time to ask for a promotion, including the length of time employed at the company, their accomplishments and impact during that time, and the positive results that have been achieved. Another sign that it is time to ask for promotion is when the employee has specific ideas and plans about how they can improve the company.

Some aspects of timing have to do with the current economic state. Now is a great time to ask for a promotion because many UK companies that cut their spending during the recession are focusing on parts of the business that are ripe for growth and are investing money into those areas.

The time of year may also be important when thinking about a promotion. The early part of the year is a good time to ask, as many companies are in spending mode during this time. Midsummer is also a good time to seek out that desired promotion; many business experience reshape their strategy during this time of year, which offers a keen to be promoted employee a great opportunity to pitch what they could do to improve matters.

Considerations when asking for a promotion

Once a time to ask for a promotion has been identified, there are certain other conditions and considerations that will dictate the exact time to ask. First of all, there needs to be a good foundation of understanding between the employee and the boss on what the employee’s current position requires as well as what results need to be demonstrated to merit moving up in the ranks.

Consistent job performance is a must and the employee should have recent feedback from the boss and supervisors that the job requirements are being met or exceeded on a regular basis.

It is also important to pay attention to what is going on in the company and particularly with the boss. Significant business deals, business travels, personal holidays and other matters will have an effect on the boss and how he or she functions in the workplace. It will also have a major effect on whether or not they are receptive to promotional proposals and the direction that their decisions may take.

The company’s current business situation is also a factor when considering broaching the issue of promotion. If the company is experiencing difficulties or if there has been a good deal of restructuring within departments, a request for promotion would be very ill-timed. Waiting for these issues to settle and play out is wise.