You’re back in the office and it’s time to leave your bad habits at the door - you know the ones we’re talking about. The days of wearing no trousers as the ‘unofficial pandemic uniform’ should definitely not be making a  return to the office, as 24% want to keep formal workwear rules in place. Missing your daily shower, constantly snacking or loud talking (most likely venting) at your screen will be a big no no. And we hate to break it to you, the daily lunchtime nap is never going to work. 

Here’s 5 bad habits that need to be left at home; 

  1. Disconnecting from everyone
  2. Checking your phone constantly
  3. Poor hygiene 
  4. Snacking
  5. Not getting dressed

Disconnecting from everyone

You can’t mute people in person or set your status to ‘away’. You may find it difficult to get back into a busy environment where you can’t control the volume, the vibe or the mood. Find the right balance for you - pop your headphones in when you need to focus or book yourself into a meeting room and save the chat for when you grab a coffee. 

Checking your phone constantly

It’s time to say goodbye to Tik Tok and the rest of the mobile apps you might have become addicted to during lockdown. Yes, we know it’ll be hard and it’ll take all your will power, but you can do it. You might miss the latest dance trend or Lady Gaga’s tweets but your boss will thank you for it. Checking social media accounts is a huge time thief and distracts you from what’s important. 

Poor hygiene 

Smell-O-Vision from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is still yet to be invented and for some of us working from, that’s a good thing! If you’ve been ‘selective showering’ you may have gone ‘nose blind’ to your work from home fragrance. It’s time to get back into a healthy routine. 


The fridge is probably only a short walk away from your working from home set up, the bright light that greets you as you open the door is like a cold hug that you want over and over again. But now that you’re back in the office, you’ll start to find the constant supply of snacks will fade and you may find yourself swapping the fridge visits for a classic snack draw. A snack can help you get through the day so if you still want to snack, go for it, just make sure you’re sneaking in some healthy one’s and they’re office friendly - hands off the cheese and onion crisps! 

Not getting dressed

The people have spoken. Our latest survey finds 28% of us feel stuck in fashion limbo, because the past 18 months of sweatpants and no button ups is coming to an end. It’s time to dust off the work wardrobe and get back to dressing for success. Learn more here.

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