Migrating to the other side of the world is an adventure that could change your life in a myriad of ways. Whilst the logistics of such a big change may seem daunting, if you find the right support the transition can be a lot smoother than expected.

There are many reasons to try working abroad, expanding your horizons, learning new skills, to make new friends. Most expats moving to work settle in the capital London, a city packed with opportunity and vibrancy. 

Of course, not every foreign worker heads to London and there are plenty of locations with jobs suitable for workers with the correct documents. If you did decide to give the UK a go, one of the things Randstad does to make newcomers feel welcome is throw seasonal parties for their workers to socialise outside of work. 

We spoke to Australians and New Zealanders who used Randstad to find work in the UK to gain insight into their journeys so far.

UK work permit, visas and documentation.

Obtaining the appropriate working visas for the right to work can seem complex but there are various routes you can take to secure your documentation.

There are a number of visas on offer, you can check which one would suit your trip best using this handy online tool, or you can call the home office directly to discuss your application. 

The majority of the Australians we place are on the Tier 5 - the Youth Mobility visa for expats aged below 31 that lasts for two years. In order to secure the visa you need to show evidence of having $3,460 AUD in your account at the time you apply.
Our dedicated compliance team are able to offer advice and guidance through applications and while it is predominately up to you to arrange, we can point you in the right direction.

NHS access for expats.

When you arrive, you will usually receive a temporary NI (national insurance) number while you apply for an official one.

You can find information about your permanent card here. Once you have obtained this card, you will not need any health insurance and will be covered under the National Health Service (NHS). 

The support we offer is designed to make a big move as simple as possible, so you can dive straight into your experience without having to sweat the small stuff. Section engineer Mitchell Smith found a number of roles with our services and the support we offer to be of great use:

“Randstad CPE have been great! It was really easy to get setup and they provided me with a number of really good opportunities. They were very professional and have been supportive whilst I’ve been working in London.”

How to get a job in the UK. 

When it comes to the hiring process, the earlier you get in contact with us, the better. This way you’ll understand the full pathways open to you and options on the table. Contact us before the move to start the registration process.

Our hiring process does vary depending on the role, but it will typically involve the following steps: 

  • informal phone or video interview
  • a visit to the Randstad office in UK to complete registration forms (bring documentation). 
  • permanent job seekers will then have an interview with their potential employer.
  • for temporary contracts you may not be required to take the second interview. 

Unlike other overseas opportunities that often require candidates for entry level jobs, it is our goal to present to you the best opportunities for your skillset and to set you on the right path to develop your career. 

Site agent Vincent Saunders credits the work he found through us as useful for his career development: 

“Randstad worked to get me a job really quickly. My career developed rapidly as Randstad continued to set me up with great opportunities in the rail industry. I’m now sticking with Randstad as I look to move back to New Zealand. Thanks Randstad!”

Training and qualifications. 

Some of your qualifications may be transferable and our dedicated training services team are on hand to assist and support with this. They will be able to confirm whether your current qualifications are appropriate for the jobs you are looking for/placed in or they can help you with updating them to be UK specific. 

Qualifications are dependant on the job so this does vary, but generally we can work with candidates to arrange the right qualifications for roles. During his move, Site agent, Andrey Collantes found that his Australian qualifications were applicable to his UK search:

“Upon meeting with my consultant in London, I was encouraged that my skill set obtained within the construction industry in Australia was transferable and applicable in the UK market. Within a day of meeting, interviews with two separate top tier firms for two separate projects were arranged.”

Something you might be interested in? Or maybe you have a friend in mind? We can support you and your transition into the construction, property and engineering sector in the UK across all skills levels. Start a journey of a lifetime and make your mark on London's skyline.