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In the heart of every parent or carer lies a deep-seated desire for their child to succeed and thrive in their educational journey. We understand that the impact of tuition extends far beyond academic achievements; it's about shaping futures and fostering confidence. In our Autumn 2023 survey, we spoke to parents and carers whose children have been supported by Randstad Tutors, the survey revealed the positive impact tuition can have on a child's engagement, learning and confidence as well as the wider impact on families. 

a partnership for success

Tuition that is personalised and considers more than just academic ambitions delivers the best results. At Randstad, we understand that tuition works best when parents, carers and educational professionals come together to put in place a programme of tuition that keeps the child at heart of the support plan.

parent and carer stats
parent and carer stats
we had 20 parents and carers fill out our survey

100% of parents said they were satisfied with the quality of service provided by their child's tutor. A parent shared, "Our tutor has given my son confidence and the desire to learn. She communicates well with both of us. I cannot thank her enough for what she is doing."

tailored tuition for every child

Understanding that each child is unique, with different educational ambitions and starting points  is at the core of how we plan tuition.. 95% of parents we spoke to agreed that tuition was perfectly pitched for their child's needs and considered individual learning styles as exampled by the following feedback from one of our parents, "Our tutor is wonderful! I highly recommend her and really appreciate the time she spends with our daughter."

engaging and effective teaching

Parents, carers and educational professionals know that maintaining engagement and focus in learning is pivotal to ensuring positive outcomes, 95% of parents surveyed agreed our tutors captured and maintained the attention of pupils, making learning both effective and enjoyable. This was demonstrated with one parent giving the feedback “Our tutor has given my son confidence and the desire to learn. She communicates well with both of us. I cannot thank her enough for what she is doing. Amazing, understanding, helpful etc”

communication and support: the Randstad way

A key aspect of effective tuition is communication, and 95% of parents and carers felt tutors kept them well-informed about their child's progress, with any issues resolved quickly. 

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the Randstad difference

Beyond the statistics, the stories shared by parents and carers illustrate  the real impact tuition can have on children's lives. From overcoming concentration difficulties to reducing anxiety around learning, our tutors  focus on academic success as well as wellbeing and embedding a love of learning in children.. "My son has difficulty concentrating... our tutor breaks things down for him... His anxiety can mean that he can't attend his session fully sometimes, but she reassures him, supports him and makes changes to help his upsets," a parent recounted.

looking forward

At Randstad, we are proud of the positive feedback from parents and carers and the hard work put in by our tutors to achieve positive results.  We understand continued success is supported by ongoing collaboration We are continuously striving to improve and expand our services to reach more students and support more families.

If you're a school representative or a local authority looking to access Randstad's exceptional pool of tutors, we invite you to reach out. Fill in the form below, and one of our dedicated recruitment consultants will get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate to empower more students and shape brighter futures together.

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